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Building A Buyer Persona

buyer persona

Have You Completed a Buyer Persona Template?

Just what is a “buyer persona”? Very simply put, a buyer persona is a fictionalized representation of a businesses customers. Based in real data, through surveys, analysis of data, your buyer persona represents the audience groups you will be targeting for leads. Imagine the ideal customer. What do they look like? What motivates them? What are their pain points? (pain points – the when and the why customers choose you – the point at which they realize you offer the solution to their need – their “pain.)

How to Create a Buyer Persona

Building a solid foundation for your buyer persona starts with a strong template detailing information about who this person is. There are plenty of free templates available online. The first template we used at ShiverMedia came from HubSpot. Since we have made some modifications and created our own. (you an access this from Google Drive.
Whichever template you choose, be sure to thoroughly compile all the details. This is an integral step.

ShiverMedia Buyer Persona Template

Buyer Persona
Buyer Persona Template – Online Retail Clothing

Begin the process of filling in the details of your persona’s information. Personalize the character, adding information that leaves the persona relatable. In the example above, created for on online shopping store, Robin is a single executive mother. She has a strong interest in fashion and shopping online. She follows social media and gets her information from blogs and more. More and more details are added as additional data is collected.

Collect More Data Points About Your Customer

Time to do some research. While you may have a great idea about what your customer looks like, the only way to be certain is to engage in research. Conduct surveys, interview people you believe are part of your target audience as well as people outside your presumed audience. Collect as much data as possible. The good and the bad are welcome, you want to create a very robust picture. Listening to your “bad” audience members may help you discover a new pain point to be addressed.

Use a tool like Survey Monkey to create a series of questions you can ask your audience. The questions should help complete the picture you are building. Asking about personal details, educational and interests will give you real information to work with. HubSpot provides a great list of 20 survey questions to ask when building buyer personas.

Keep finding ways to gain more insights on your audience. A word of caution. Don’t get lost in creating too many personas. The goal is to get an overview of the persona and what is driving their decision making.

Data Collection
Data Collection

More Data Equals More Decision Criteria

What leads a buyer to make the decision to purchase from you? How do you harness the knowledge you have to lead the buyer into your funnels (the stages of a prospects journey through first interaction until point of sale) and ultimately convert to a sale.

The data you have on your buyer persona gives you the information required to align your marketing decisions. From positioning and messaging through content marketing and sales funnels, you are better able to meet buyer expectations. This is allows buyers to evaluate your offer on their own terms, forming a bond that is difficult for competitors to match.

Getting an edge on your competition is a huge ROI. (Return on Investment).


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