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5 Steps to Grow Your Email List

Email Marketing List Growth

Looking to Grow Your Email List?

Sending out email marketing messages continues to be the most impactful channel for reaching your audience. This direct line of communication, unlike other channels provides unobstructed access through ever changing algorithms. Building an engaged active list can feel like a huge task. What kind of an investment is necessary? What type of lead generation is required? Can we afford the time or resources?

Here are 5 Steps to Grow Your Email List

  1. Social Media Paid Lead Generation

    The best resource available to generate new leads for your list is social media. Targeting buyer groups on LinkedIn and Facebook has never been easier. Especially using a well developed buyer persona as a paid advertising audience.

    Of course audience targeting alone is not enough. There are key components to the ad required to ensure success. The creative, copy and call to action needs to be compelling enough to drive the viewer to click on the ad. The ad must also meet Facebook’s important guidelines in order to be approved. Below are two examples of creative that meet the guidelines and returned new leads. 

    boost metabolism
    Boost Your Metabolism
    Top Shake Recipes

    Finally, it is imperative to have a landing page that is contextual to the ad (this means the page does not change drastically from the message). Place your subscription box prominently on the landing page so potential subscriber’s will be able to easily complete the task of subscribing to your list.

  2. Content Marketing

    Anyone with any experience has at one time or another heard the statement “Content is King”! There is no doubt that creating and curating engaging relevant content is an important part of your social media strategy (Read our article 5 Ways to Grow Facebook Engagement) This is also true for your email lists.

    Distributing content to your subscribers using a digest is no different then sharing on social media. Plan to put out highly shareable and engaging content, otherwise your audience is likely to tune out. Don’t lose subscribers to content that is not breakthrough.

    Remember asking for a subscribers email is huge, make sure your content is worthy of the give.

    reb bull breakthrough content
    Reb Bull breakthrough content

    Example of Breakthrough Content

    Red Bull – Rewind 2017

    Red Bull has been producing amazing breakthrough content for years. From the “Red Bull Gives You Wings” to “On Pace With Travis Pastrana” this high energy brand has produced some high energy content. Fans and followers are eager to get more, share their own and register for weekly updates.

  3. Lead Magnets & Gated Content

    There are lots of opt in incentives, or lead magnets designed specifically for the potential subscriber to trade their email for a piece of content they see value in. Designed to increase interest, many sites have seen subscriptions double when implementing this process.Basically 2 types of lead magnets happen. A.) Not Connected to Content Pieces and B.) Connected directly to a content piece.

    The first “lead magnets not connected to content” can stand alone and be offered across your website, paid ads or digital channels. For this you choose an incentive that relates on a general level to your products and services. For example, as a digital marketer, ShiverMedia offers free 30 minute consultations to discuss ways to increase your ROI. This is generic to all our services.

    The second is directly tied to a specific piece of content. It is a companion to the content being delivered. The content can be a blog post video etc, when the viewer is reading they are offered more information of a specific ebook detailing the info. A plumbing company writes a blog on how to reduce monthly water bill. The relatable lead magnet is an ebook that details the costs of water and plumbing during home ownership and how to reduce these costs.

    Plan to include both types of lead magnets in your list growth strategy. This way you are provided more options for catching audience eyes. Just remember though, your lead magnets are premium content and therefore must be gated. What is the difference between gated and ungated content.Simply put, one is open available to public consumption. The other requires unlocking either by an email address or passcode. Trade the premium content for the audiences email address.

    Example of a Great Lead Magnet
    Unbounce Lead Magnet

    What makes this great is offering the potential lead advice on how to improve their current efforts. Constructive professional critiques are always great! Not everyone will bite however, everybody wants something for free.

  4. Use SEO to Drive Traffic to Your Lead Pages

    Search Engine sites like Google and Pinterest rank content according to relevance and helpfulness. SEO is when you optimize your content so that it appears in the searches higher then the competing content. In fact this is your goal. When your content appears at the top of your keyword search results you get more eyes on your pages and more opportunities to convert.

    First and foremost use keywords with your content, making sure the keywords you choose are relevant to the content piece. You want the audience to find you for what you are offering not something that is not tied to it. If your post is about “How to Train Your Dog” the keywords should focus on “dog training”

    Once you have set your keywords you need to include these in the following places across your website. If you use WordPress Yoast SEO and other SEO plugins will ensure you do this.

    • Blog Post Title
    • Throughout the body of your blog posts
    • URL of your blog post
    • Feature image filename

    Keep in mind SEO is not the quick fix. Building rank, reputation and links takes time and effort.

    Clean SEO Code
  5. Get Featured on Industry Website Blogs

    One way to ensure you are seen by many is to be featured on industry newsletters and blogs. Whether it is a feature on you or your productsOther businesses are looking to curate content and add backlinks to their pages. This is a Win/Win for both. Simply put, your links, your articles boost their SEO and you get more relevant audience eyes on your content.

    The first thing you will do is research your keywords on Google and find like minded relevant websites to ask if they are interested. Don’t be shy, some responses will be rejections, others will be ready to embrace your content. The goal here is to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

    When you are featured, support your SEO efforts, provide a link to the content from your site.

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